Egypt eVisa Eligibility: Is Your Country on the List?

Renowned for its enchanting allure and historical grandeur, Egypt is a premier destination for globetrotters worldwide. This ancient land, bathed in the mystique of bygone eras, beckons with an array of world-renowned attractions. From the bustling museums in the heart of Cairo to the awe-inspiring Pyramids of Giza and the mesmerising diving locales dotting the Red Sea, Egypt is a canvas of diverse experiences. It's a place where the richness of culture intertwines with a treasure trove of archaeological marvels, offering a unique window into the past.

To streamline the experience for international visitors, the Egyptian government has innovatively transformed the travel landscape by introducing an electronic tourist visa system. This digital leap simplifies the journey for adventurers and culture enthusiasts alike, offering a seamless gateway to explore the wonders of Egypt.

Inception of the E-Visa System

The Egyptian authorities unveiled the electronic visa (e-visa) system in November 2017, formally activating it on December 3, 2017. This pioneering move aimed to revolutionise the travel authorisation process, making it more efficient and user-friendly for tourists worldwide. The e-visa platform extends its reach to travellers from over 78 countries, encompassing regions like the EU, the UK, Switzerland, and the USA. Designed to facilitate tourism and business ventures, the e-visa grants a short-term entry permit valid for up to 90 days.

Navigating the E-Visa Process for Egypt

Embarking on the e-visa journey begins with a straightforward online application. Prospective visitors can easily access the free online form on the designated website. The initial step involves a simple registration or sign-up process. Following this, applicants are guided through the e-visa application form, where they provide essential information such as passport details and personal data, including full name, gender, occupation, and the intended purpose of the visit. During this stage, selecting the tourist e-visa category is crucial for immersing themselves in Egypt's touristic splendours.

Ideal for those planning a stay of less than a month, the Egypt tourist e-visa stands out for its expedited processing time, a stark contrast to the conventional paper visa. This innovative system eliminates the need for embassy visits, interviews, or extensive paperwork, thus significantly reducing the hassle traditionally associated with visa acquisition.

Applicants complete the process by submitting required documents in JPG or JPEG format and paying the processing fee online using various payment methods, including debit or credit cards, American Express, MasterCard, or PayPal. Once processed, the visa is sent to the applicant's email address as specified in the e-visa form. This digital approach streamlines the process and aligns with modern travel conveniences, making Egypt's timeless wonders more accessible.

Who is eligible for Egypt e-visa?

Applicants from the following nations are eligible to apply for an e-visa through the provided website:

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Important Egypt Customs Rules

When planning a trip to Egypt, you must know what items you can bring. Here's a breakdown of the permitted, prohibited, and restricted imports:

Permitted Import Items

  • Cigarettes and Tobacco: Travelers are allowed to bring in 200 short cigarettes, 25 cigars, and up to 200 grams of tobacco.
  • Alcoholic Beverages: Up to 2 litres of alcohol can be included in your luggage.
  • Personal Use Perfumes: Perfumes for personal use are allowed without any specific quantity restrictions.

Prohibited Import Items

Certain items are strictly prohibited from being brought into Egypt. These include:

  • Drugs and Narcotics: All forms of illegal drugs.
  • Firearms and Weapons: Any type of firearms or ammunition.
  • Cotton: Importation of cotton is not allowed.

Restricted Import Items

Some items are restricted and require special attention:

  • Financial Instruments and Precious Metals: Any banknotes, checks, credit cards, and gold exceeding the value of 500.00 Egyptian pounds (approximately 60-65 euros) must be declared upon arrival.

Export Regulations for Departing from Egypt

Understanding what you can take out of Egypt is just as crucial as knowing what you can bring. Here are the guidelines:

Permitted Export Items

Generally, you can export anything not explicitly prohibited or restricted by Egyptian law.

Prohibited Export Items

Certain items are not allowed to leave the country, including:

  • Illegal Intoxicants and Drugs
  • Weapons and Ammunition
  • Perishable Food Items
  • Live Animals
  • Corals and Clam Shells
  • Limited Export Items
  • Antiques and Valuable Art: Any object older than 100 years requires permission from the relevant Egyptian authorities.

In most Red Sea resorts, feeding fish while diving and collecting shells or corals are prohibited.

Health Advisory for Travelers to Egypt

Travelling to Egypt requires specific health precautions. Here's what you need to know:

Vaccination Requirements

Yellow Fever Vaccine: Mandatory for all visitors over one year of age arriving from countries with yellow fever prevalence.

Water and Food Safety

  • Drinking Water: Only bottled water is safe for consumption.
  • Swimming Pools: Avoid random water pools due to infection risks. Chlorinated pools are safer.
  • Dairy Products: Consume only pasteurised milk and dairy products.
  • Meat, Vegetables, and Fish: Ensure they are well-cooked, incredibly, when consumed hot.
  • Avoid Low-Quality Restaurants: Avoid street food and prefer known international chains.
  • Fruits: Should be peeled before consumption.

Disease Precautions

  • Malaria and Dengue Fever: Limited risk in some areas caused by mosquito bites.
  • Environmental Factors
  • Dust and Sandstorms: Dust and storms can affect those with respiratory issues. Monitor weather forecasts.
  • Heat Protection: Prepare for intense heat in summer with sun protection and adequate hydration.
  • Medical Facilities
  • Healthcare Access: Varied quality, with better services in Cairo and Alexandria. Travel and medical insurance are recommended.

Safety and Security Tips for Travelers in Egypt

Awareness of the local security situation is vital for a safe trip:

  • Political Instability: Stay informed about the current political situation and adhere to embassy security advice.
  • Transportation Safety: Car Rentals: Avoid driving at night.
  • Photography and Surveillance: Do not photograph military or government sites. Seeking permission before photographing people is advised.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Actions that could be seen as disrespectful to Islam should be avoided.
  • Public Displays of Affection: These are frowned upon, and homosexuality is illegal.

Following these guidelines will help ensure a safe and enjoyable trip to Egypt, respecting local customs and regulations.


Over 78 countries, including popular destinations like the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and most EU nations, can apply for the eVisa. Check the official Egyptian government website or use a dedicated visa checker tool to find out if yours is on the list.

No more visa queues at embassies! The eVisa offers a streamlined online application process, eliminating the need for in-person interviews and extensive paperwork. Plus, it boasts a faster processing time compared to traditional paper visas.

Simply head to the designated website and complete the online form. Provide basic information like your passport details, travel dates, and purpose of visit. Choose the "tourist e-visa" category and upload the required documents, such as scanned passport copies. Pay the processing fee through secure online channels, and voila! Your visa will be emailed to you within a few days.

The tourist e-visa allows you to stay in Egypt for up to 30 days, perfect for immersing yourself in the country's historical riches and cultural tapestry.

Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your intended stay in Egypt. Double-check the visa processing times, which may vary depending on your nationality. Remember, the eVisa is only valid for tourism purposes, not for work or residency.