Egypt Tourist Visa for Indians

Nestled in the northeast corner of Africa, this country is not just a geographical entity but a journey through one of the world'Egypt, often evoked through images of majestic pyramids, enigmatic sphinxes, ancient mummies, the life-giving Nile River, and a tapestry of historical wonders, stands as a beacon of historical and cultural significance. Nestled in the northeast corner of Africa, this country is not just a geographical entity but a journey through one of the world's oldest and most remarkable civilisations. Known officially as the Arab Republic of Egypt, it boasts a prominent position as one of the most populous nations in the Arab world and the African continent, a testament to its enduring legacy and vibrant present.

Egypt's allure is rooted in its storied past and its rich and diverse culture, intriguing geography, and unique cuisine that has evolved over millennia. This country has consistently captivated the imagination of those with a penchant for exploration, adventure, and the mysteries of archaeology. Egypt's landscape is a canvas of contrasts, from the mesmerising expanse of the Arabian deserts to the timeless beauty of its pyramids, each telling tales of glory and human endeavour.

The experience of Egypt extends far beyond what one can grasp through screens or photographs. The reality of setting foot on this ancient land is a revelation in itself. The bustling city of Cairo, not just a capital but a cultural melting pot, offers an urban experience amidst historical grandeur. The Pyramids of Giza are silent yet eloquent witnesses to a bygone era, inviting visitors to unravel their secrets. Moreover, a cruise along the Nile is a journey along a river and a magical voyage through the heart of Egypt's history and soul.

Egypt Tourist Visa Guidelines for Indians

Egypt, a land that conjures images of majestic pyramids, ancient mysteries, and a rich tapestry of culture and history, is a dream destination for many travellers, particularly those from India. Whether you're drawn by the allure of the Great Pyramids of Giza, the enchanting Nile cruises, or the vibrant bazaars of Cairo, understanding the visa requirements is the first step in your journey to this spellbinding land.

Visa Necessity for Indian Tourists

For Indian citizens looking to immerse themselves in the wonders of Egypt, obtaining a tourist visa is essential. This visa is your gateway to explore Egypt's vast history and stunning landscapes, from its famous archaeological sites to its breathtaking Red Sea resorts.

The Egypt-India Amicable Relations

The friendly ties between Egypt and India make the visa process relatively straightforward for Indian travellers. These cordial relations underscore the mutual respect and cooperation shared between the two nations, facilitating smoother travel experiences for tourists.

Understanding the Right Visa Type

The type of visa you need depends on several factors, including your nationality, the length of your stay, and the purpose of your visit. For Indian nationals, the online Egypt E-Visa is a convenient option. This electronic visa streamlines the process, allowing you to apply from the comfort of your home.

Tourist Visa Specifics

The single-entry Egypt tourist visa, specifically for leisure travel, is valid for 30 days. This duration is ideal for leisurely travellers who wish to soak in Egypt's rich heritage. You can enter Egypt only once for 30 days maximum through this visa. The single-entry visa is valid for a maximum of 90 days.

The multiple-entry tourist visa will allow you to enter the country multiple times within the visa’s validity period of 180 days. However, like the single-entry tourist visa, the maximum duration you can stay in the country is 30 days.

The Application Process

Applying for a tourist visa is a hassle-free experience. Most applicants will not need to visit the consulate's immigration office in person. The process is primarily online, making it convenient and accessible. However, it's important to note that in some instances, such as for individuals with limited travel history, an interview with an immigration officer at the consulate may be required. It is a precautionary measure to ensure the legitimacy and purpose of the visit.

Eligibility Criteria for Indians Visiting Egypt for Tourism

To be eligible for the Egypt tourist visa, Indian applicants must meet specific requirements to ensure a smooth entry into Egypt:

  • Passport Validity: Applicants must hold a valid passport from an eligible country. The passport must have at least six months of validity upon arrival in Egypt, ensuring that travellers can stay for the duration of their visa without any complications.
  • Purpose of Visit: The e-visa is granted for tourism purposes only. It includes sightseeing, exploring Egypt's ancient monuments, experiencing its rich cultural festivals, or enjoying a relaxing holiday along the Red Sea coast.
  • Passport Consistency: Using the same passport for travel is imperative during the e-visa application process. This consistency ensures that the details on the e-visa match those in the traveller's official documents, thereby avoiding any discrepancies upon arrival.
  • Accommodation Details: Applicants must provide details of at least one place of accommodation in Egypt. It could be a hotel, a rented apartment, or any other form of lodging. This requirement helps authorities ensure the safety and well-being of travellers during their stay.
  • Travel and Stay Documentation: To further streamline the entry process, travellers must present evidence of their onward travel plans. It includes return or onward journey tickets. Additionally, a letter of invitation from the host in Egypt is required if staying with family or friends. This documentation aids in validating the traveller's itinerary and ensures a hassle-free experience at immigration checkpoints.

How do you apply for an Egypt tourist visa as an Indian citizen?

Applying for an e-visa can be straightforward if you know the steps involved. This detailed guide walks you through the entire process, from registration to payment, ensuring a smooth and successful application.

Step 1 - Registration

Entering Basic Details:

Begin the e-visa application by providing your fundamental personal information. This initial step requires you to input your full name, email address, phone number, and nationality. Accuracy here is vital, as these details form the foundation of your e-visa application.

Captcha Solving:

As a standard security measure, you will encounter a captcha challenge. This step is crucial to verify that a natural person, not an automated system, is completing the application. Follow the instructions carefully to navigate through this verification process successfully.

Step 2 - Applicant Details

Filling in Comprehensive Personal Information:

This critical step demands detailed personal and travel-related information:

  • Nationality and Visa Type: Clearly state your nationality as mentioned in your passport and select the appropriate visa type for your travel.
  • Personal Details: Enter your first and last name, date of birth, and gender meticulously.
  • Passport Information: Provide your passport details, including the issue, expiry dates, and passport number.
  • Additional Information (If Applicable): Include those details here if you possess a different passport or nationality. Also, specify your occupation, marital status, and the country you travel to.
  • Travel Details: Mention your anticipated departure date, aligning with your travel plans.

Adding Other Applicants:

This stage allows you to add other applicants if you're travelling with others. Ensure that each person’s details are entered accurately, following the above guidelines.

Step 3 - Add Documents and Submit

Uploading Passport Image:

Upload a clear, high-quality scan or photograph of your passport. It's crucial that all details are legible and the image is sharp.

Choosing Visa Processing Type:

Select between standard or expedited processing, depending on your needs. These options differ in terms of processing times and fees.

Review and Submission:

Before finalising your application, use the 'Submit and Review' feature to scrutinise every detail you’ve entered. Accuracy at this stage is crucial, as discrepancies can lead to delays or rejections.

Final Check:

Conduct a thorough final review focusing on spellings, dates, and the clarity of uploaded documents. It is your last opportunity to rectify any errors.

Submission Confirmation:

Upon submission, you’ll receive a confirmation. It’s important to note any reference number for future inquiries or status updates.

Step 4 - Payment

Complete the Payment:

Choose your preferred payment method from the options available, such as credit/debit card or online payment gateways, and proceed to pay the application fee.

Note Application Details and Temporary ID:

After payment, a temporary application ID will be issued. Record this ID carefully, which is crucial for tracking your application’s progress.

Egypt Tourist Visa for Indians Application Fee

The Egyptian tourist visa application fee for Indian citizens varies as per their type of visa - i.e., single-entry or multiple-entry tourist e-visa. The following table contains the latest Egypt tourism e-visa application fee:

Visa Type

Max Stay


Visa Cost (In INR)


30 days

90 days



30 days

180 days


In addition to the fee mentioned above, there is also a service fee. Since the Egypt e-visa application fee and service fee are dynamic, we have created a unique e-visa fee calculator tool to provide you with the updated fee structure.

How do you extend an Indian tourist visa in Egypt?

For those enchanted by the rich cultural tapestry and historical grandeur of Egypt, extending a tourist visa offers an opportunity to delve deeper into this mesmerising country. Understanding the nuances of the visa extension process is crucial for a seamless and enjoyable extended stay.

Tourist visa holders have two primary avenues to extend their visit, each with its procedures and requirements.

Option 1: Applying for a New e-visa from Abroad

The e-Visa, a beacon of convenience for international travellers, presents the first method of extending your stay in Egypt. This digital visa process is particularly favoured due to its swift and straightforward nature. Here’s how it works:

  • Leave and Reapply: If your current e-Visa is nearing expiration, you can leave Egypt and apply for a new one. This process involves a short trip outside Egyptian borders, providing a chance to explore neighbouring countries.
  • Quick Approval Process: Most e-Visa applications are typically processed within one to two days. However, to account for any unforeseen delays, it’s wise to allow up to seven days for the entire process.
  • Unlimited Renewals: Remarkably, there is no cap on the number of times a foreign national can reapply for an e-Visa, as long as they continuously meet the visa requirements and adhere to its terms and conditions.

Option 2: Extending Your Visa While in Egypt

For those who prefer to remain within Egypt for their visa extension, there's an alternative route:

  • In-Person Application: This option entails visiting the Ministry of the Interior’s Egyptian Passports, Immigration, and Nationality Administration office, located in the heart of Abbasiya, Cairo. Note that online renewals are not currently an option.
  • Office Hours and Location: The office welcomes applicants daily from 8 am to 5 pm, except for Fridays. Saturdays are reserved exclusively for picking up processed visas.
  • Required Documents: The list of essential documents for a visa extension includes a valid passport, the current e-Visa, cash for the extension fees, proof of address in Egypt, and a passport-sized photo.
  • The Application Process: Most applicants need to visit the office twice. The first visit involves filling out the application and security forms, submitting required documents, undergoing a photo and fingerprinting session, and paying the initial application fee.
  • Finalisation and Fees: On the second visit, applicants must pay additional fees and will receive their visa extension, officially known as the Foreign Residence Card. This card is a plastic ID that extends your stay by three months, with no alternative duration options.

Egypt Visa on Arrival for Indians

Travelling to Egypt from India has been made more accessible with the introduction of the visa-on-arrival facility. If you're an Indian passport holder, you'll find it convenient to obtain a visa right upon your arrival in Egypt. Egypt's visa policy allows Indian travellers to stay up to 30 days. It's important to note that this is a single-entry permit, meaning it's valid for just one entry into the country.

Here's a simple guide to help you navigate the process:

  • Join the Visa on Arrival Queue: Once you arrive in Egypt, look for the designated line marked for 'Visa on Arrival'. It is where you'll begin the process.
  • Complete the Visa Form: You'll be given a form to complete. This form requires your personal and travel details. Make sure to fill it out accurately to avoid any issues.
  • Gather Your Documents: You must provide certain necessary documents along with the form. Keep these documents handy to ensure a smooth process.
  • Payment of Visa Fees: The next step is to pay the visa fee. For this, you need to have cash in US dollars, as that's the only accepted mode of payment for the visa on arrival in Egypt.
  • Visa Sticker on Passport: You will receive a visa sticker after your payment. This sticker must be attached to your passport. Ensure it's secured properly, as it's your official permission to enter and stay in Egypt.

Remember, this straightforward process allows you to enter Egypt without needing pre-arrival formalities, making your travel experience more seamless and enjoyable. Just be prepared with the necessary documents and US dollars to pay the fee, and you're all set for your Egyptian adventure!

Understanding the Implications of Overstaying a Visa in Egypt

Overstaying a visa, where an individual remains in a country beyond their permitted duration, should be avoided due to its potential legal and administrative consequences. This issue is particularly significant in Egypt, given the country's strict adherence to visa and immigration regulations.

When a traveller overstays their visa in Egypt, they are violating the terms of their specific e-visa and infringing upon the broader Egyptian visa and immigration policies. This breach can lead to several serious repercussions, which are essential to understand for anyone considering or currently visiting Egypt.

  • Financial Penalties: One of the immediate consequences of overstaying a visa in Egypt is the imposition of a fine. The Egyptian government has set specific penalties for overstayers, which can vary depending on the length of the overstay and the type of visa. These fines are a monetary burden and a record of legal non-compliance that could impact future travel.
  • Future Visa Applications: Individuals who overstay their visas may need help applying for an Egyptian travel permit. The record of overstaying can lead to visa applications being scrutinised more closely, delayed, or even denied. It is particularly crucial for those who must travel to Egypt regularly for business, family, or cultural reasons.

Legal and Immigration Consequences: In some cases, overstaying a visa can lead to severe legal and immigration consequences, including detention or deportation. The Egyptian authorities take visa regulations seriously, and failure to comply can result in legal action, including being barred from re-entering Egypt for a certain period.


Yes, Indian citizens can acquire a visa upon arrival in Egypt. As per Egypt's visa policy, this visa on arrival is valid for a stay of up to 30 days and is a single-entry permit..

Obtaining an Egypt visa for Indians is straightforward. The process can be completed online without submitting your passport to the Embassy. Once approved, an eVisa will be issued digitally, allowing entry into Egypt without a physical visa stamp. Note: This online application is only for group travellers.

Air travel is the most efficient way to reach Egypt from India. There are frequent daily flights from major Indian cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and Kolkata.

All visitors to Egypt require a visa. The e-Visa is the most convenient for tourism, obtained through an online application and payment. It can be applied up to three months before travel and remains valid for 30 days from your entry into Egypt.

While rare, there is a chance that a visa on arrival for Indians can be denied. Reasons for rejection may include failing to meet entry requirements, application completion errors, or border officials' suspicions regarding the application.



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