Egypt E-Visa Application Process for United Kingdom Citizens

UK nationals now have the opportunity to obtain an eVisa for Egypt, streamlining their visa application experience with an efficient online system.

This section provides comprehensive insights into the eVisa prerequisites, the procedure to apply, expected processing durations, and all essential details to facilitate a smooth travel experience to Egypt for those residing in the UK.

Is It Mandatory for UK Citizens to Have a Visa to Visit Egypt?

Yes, individuals from the United Kingdom are required to obtain a visa for entry into Egypt. UK passport holders can secure an electronic visa (eVisa) for Egypt, contingent on the nature and length of their visit.

The eVisa permits British visitors to spend 30 days in Egypt. Options for both single and multiple-entry eVisas are offered. For stays exceeding 30 days or for purposes beyond tourism, British travellers must acquire a distinct category of Egyptian visa.

What Type of E-Visas are Offered by Egypt to British Passport Holders?

Egypt offers two varieties of electronic visas for British travellers.

Single Entry e-Visa

This e-visa grants a one-time entry into Egypt. If you leave the country, re-entry would require obtaining a new visa. The validity of this e-visa extends to three months, though it only allows a maximum stay of up to 30 days within Egypt.

Multiple-Entry e-Visa

For those seeking to visit Egypt multiple times, the multiple-entry eVisa is the ideal choice. It enables travellers to come and go from Egypt several times, eliminating the need to apply for a new visa for each visit. You can enjoy the liberty of entering and exiting Egypt as needed.

This type of e-visa remains valid for six months, with each visit capped at 30 days. Hence, you can make numerous trips to Egypt within six months, provided each trip is within the 30-day limit.

Why Brits Should Opt for an E-Visa to Egypt?

The e-visa system offers a quick and convenient way for travellers, especially those from the United Kingdom, to acquire a tourist visa for Egypt. This digital approach does away with the need to physically visit embassies or consulates, which is often necessary for obtaining more permanent types of visas. It also saves travellers from the hassle of waiting in line for a visa at the border upon arrival.

For British tourists, the e-Visa system is particularly beneficial due to its numerous features:

  • The entire process is conducted online.
  • The application process is user-friendly and efficient.
  • There is a rapid processing time for applications.
  • It offers options for either single-entry or multiple-entry visas.
  • It allows travellers to obtain a confirmed visa before arriving in Egypt.
  • It enables travellers to avoid long queues for visa processing at the airport.

Essential Documents for British Travelers Applying for an Egypt eVisa

For citizens of the United Kingdom seeking to acquire an Egyptian eVisa, it's essential to follow certain specific guidelines:

  • Passport Validity: Individuals applying must have a valid passport for at least six months beyond their anticipated arrival date in Egypt.
  • Provision of Detailed Personal Data: The application should include a thorough provision of personal data. It encompasses the applicant's full name, birth date, nationality, and contact methods.
  • Travel Plan Disclosure: Applicants are expected to provide detailed information about the purpose of their visit, the intended dates of travel, and their planned accommodations in Egypt.
  • Payment of eVisa Fees: The eVisa application process includes a non-refundable compulsory fee. This fee must be paid through a legitimate credit or debit card.

Steps for obtaining an Egyptian E-Visa if I'm a UK Citizen

To successfully apply for an Egypt e-Visa as a UK citizen, follow these steps:

  • Starting the e-Visa Application: Initiate your application for an Egypt e-Visa by carefully completing the online application form on the designated website. Ensure that all the information provided is accurate and relevant.
  • Uploading Required Documents: You'll need to submit certain documents electronically. It typically includes a digital scan of the biographical page of your passport, which should be uploaded as part of the application process.
  • Paying the e-Visa Fee: The process of applying for an e-visa involves a fee, the amount of which varies based on the visa type and its validity duration. This Egypt E-Visa fee can be paid online using a credit or debit card.
  • Application Receipt Confirmation: You'll immediately receive a confirmation email after completing the payment. This email will include a unique ID number for your application, serving as proof of submission.
  • Review of the Application: The Egyptian authorities thoroughly review each application. The duration of this review process may vary. However, you can check the status of your application at any time on the website.
  • Receiving Your e-Visa: Once your application is approved, the e-visa will be emailed to you. It's advisable to print this document or have it readily accessible on a digital device to ensure a smooth travel experience.

What is the Egypt E-Visa Cost for UK Passport Holders?

An electronic visa presents a more economical option than the traditional visa for British travellers planning a visit to Egypt. When you apply for an electronic visa for Egypt, there are two main fees you will come across: the Government fee, which is compulsory for British citizens as they are not exempt, and the Service fee. The amount of the Service fee varies based on how quickly you need your e-visa processed:

  • Standard Processing: Your electronic visa is processed within three to seven business days.
  • Expedited Processing: Choose this for a faster processing time of two to five business days, but at an increased cost.
  • Priority Processing: Opt for this service if you need your e-visa urgently, as it guarantees processing within one to three business days, making it the priciest option.

What is the Process of Obtaining an Urgent Egypt E-Visa for UK Travellers?

Opting for the 'Urgent' or 'Super Urgent' service tiers during your e-visa application is a strategic decision. While these options incur additional fees, expedited application processing offers a significant advantage. This accelerated procedure means you receive your e-visa faster, streamlining your travel preparations. It lets you finalise a crucial step in organising your trip efficiently, bypassing the typical delays.

Egypt E-Visa Extension Process for UK Passport Holders

Tourists visiting Egypt on a visitor's visa who wish to extend their stay can explore two avenues.

The first method involves reapplying for a fresh e-visa after departing from Egypt. Visitors can leave the country and then initiate the e-visa application process anew. The e-visa system is structured for expedited processing and usually grants approvals within one to two days. However, it's advisable to plan for a waiting period of up to a week. Notably, there's no restriction on the number of times a traveller can reapply for an e-visa, provided all eligibility criteria are met.

Alternatively, tourists can extend their visas while remaining in Egypt. It requires a visit to the Ministry of the Interior's office in Abbasiya, Cairo, for an in-person renewal, as this process is unavailable online. The office operates from 8 am to 5 pm but remains closed on Fridays and Saturdays, designated for document collection only.

For those opting to extend their visa in Egypt, several requirements must be fulfilled:

  • You must have a valid passport.
  • Your initially issued e-visa is necessary.
  • The extension fee is accepted only in cash.
  • Proof of your residency in Egypt.
  • A recent photograph that fits passport dimensions.
  1. The process of extending your visa includes several steps. On your initial visit, you must fill out forms, submit the required documents and photographs, provide fingerprints, and pay the initial fee. You'll complete any pending fee payments during a subsequent visit and receive your visa extension.
  2. The visa extension grants an additional three months of stay in Egypt. It is issued in the form of a Foreign Residence Card along with a plastic ID card.

Is an Egypt Visa on Arrival available for British Tourists?

Travellers from the United Kingdom can obtain an Egyptian visa upon their arrival in Egypt. This visa grants them permission for a stay not exceeding one month, calculated from the visa's issue date. Moreover, UK visitors should ensure their passports are valid and in good standing before entry into Egypt.

Important Egypt Travel Guidelines for UK Citizens

Using popular ride-hailing platforms like Uber or Careem, navigating through Egypt can be significantly enhanced. These platforms provide a more dependable and efficient mode of travel than traditional taxi services or renting a vehicle, leading to smoother and more predictable journeys.

While in Egypt, it's advisable to have access to various forms of payment. There are situations where using credit cards may be more convenient or suitable.

It's essential to remain vigilant and avoid areas adjacent to the borders with Libya, Israel, and the Gaza Strip. Military forces heavily monitor these regions and may present safety concerns for travellers.

During your visit to Egypt, it's crucial to adhere to the registration requirements imposed by the local authorities. It involves reporting to the nearest police station within the first seven days of arrival. Typically, the staff will manage this process using your passport details if you're staying in a hotel. However, if you reside in private lodgings, you must complete your registration correctly.

Steps to Follow If Any of Your UK Documents Expire in Egypt

  • If you find yourself overseas without a valid passport due to being lost, stolen, damaged, or expired, and obtaining a new or replacement passport is only feasible after your intended travel date, you can request an emergency travel document.
  • When the individual requiring this urgent travel document is a minor (under 16 years of age), the application should be made by a parent or guardian on their behalf.
  • Should your travel plans be scheduled for more than three weeks away, it's advisable first to ascertain whether there is sufficient time to acquire a new or replacement passport for your journey.

Steps for British Nationals to Check Their Egyptian E-Visa Status Online

Egypt's digital visa application platform is renowned for its swift processing times, typically confirming visa approvals within 1 to 3 days. However, on occasion, this timeframe may extend up to 5 days. A vital advantage of this system is its automated email notification feature, which keeps applicants informed about their application status, thereby reducing the need for frequent online checks.

When there is no update on your application within five days of submission, the platform offers a backup option for status inquiries. It can be accessed through the "Contact Us" section on the website. When submitting an inquiry, you must provide details such as your complete name, passport information, and the email address you used for the application. Generally, you will receive an immediate acknowledgement of your inquiry, followed by a detailed update on the status of your application, typically within 72 hours.


Generally, the e-visa is processed within three business days. However, some applicants have reported receiving their visas in just a few hours.

E-Visa is optional if your layover in Egypt is less than 48 hours and you stay within the airport's transit area.

While not compulsory, obtaining travel insurance that covers medical emergencies and possible trip cancellations is strongly advised.

Pregnant applicants should seek medical advice before travel and be prepared to provide relevant medical documents when applying for the e-Visa.

Alterations to travel dates can be made on the e-Visa portal within a specified period. Be aware that changes made close to your intended travel date may incur extra charges.

The e-visa is strictly for tourism and business visits. Engaging in employment or academic studies is not permitted under this visa.



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