Egypt E-Visa Application Process for UAE Passport Holders

As an Emirati national contemplating a journey to Egypt, you must familiarise yourself with the visa prerequisites well before your trip. This article is designed to offer detailed insights into securing an Egypt visa when travelling from the United Arab Emirates.

This guide will explore the procedures for Emirati citizens to apply for an Egypt visa, including information about the eligibility criteria for the Egypt e-Visa and the necessary travel documentation.

Do UAE citizens need a Visa for Tourism in Egypt?

Emirati citizens planning to travel to Egypt must acquire a visa for entry. Those holding UAE passports can apply for an electronic visa (eVisa), which depends on the purpose and duration of their stay in Egypt. This eVisa allows Emirati visitors to stay in Egypt for up to 30 days and is available in single-entry and multiple-entry formats. Should the visit extend beyond 30 days or be for reasons other than tourism, travellers must obtain a different type of visa specific to their extended stay or alternative purpose.

How Many Egypt E-Visa Types Are Emirati Citizens Eligible for?

Egypt has introduced two distinct forms of electronic visas for Emirati citizens.

Single Entry Electronic Visa:

This version allows for a single entry into Egypt. Once you depart from Egypt, you must apply for a new visa for subsequent visits. The visa is valid for three months but permits a stay of only up to 30 days during your visit to Egypt.

Multiple Entry Electronic Visa:

This electronic visa is the perfect solution for those planning multiple trips to Egypt. It allows you to enter and leave Egypt numerous times without the hassle of reapplying for a visa for each entry. This flexibility lets you travel in and out of Egypt as your itinerary requires.

The validity of this multiple-entry e-visa spans six months, with each visit restricted to a maximum of 30 days. You can plan several visits to Egypt over a half-year period as long as each stay is within the 30-day mark.

Why Emiratis Should Choose an Egypt E-Visa Over a Regular Visa?

The e-visa platform provides a swift and streamlined method for travellers, notably those hailing from the United Arab Emirates, to secure a tourist visa to Egypt. 

This electronic method eliminates the need to attend embassies or consulates physically, a step often required for more permanent visa types. Additionally, it spares travellers the inconvenience of enduring long visa queues at the border upon their arrival.

For Emirati holidaymakers, the e-Visa system is particularly advantageous, thanks to its array of features:

  • The entire procedure can be completed online.
  • The application process is straightforward and time-efficient.
  • The turnaround time for processing applications is notably quick.
  • It provides options for either single or multiple entries.
  • It enables travellers to have a visa confirmed before they arrive in Egypt.
  • It allows travellers to bypass extensive queues for visa processing at the airport.

Checklist of Documents for Emirati Travellers' Egypt eVisa Application

UAE residents aiming to obtain an Egyptian eVisa must adhere to several critical requirements:

  • Passport Requirements: Applicants need to possess a valid passport for a minimum of six months after their planned entry date into Egypt.
  • Comprehensive Personal Information Submission: The eVisa application mandates the submission of extensive personal details. It includes the applicant's complete name, date of birth, nationality, and various contact methods.
  • Detailed Travel Information: Applicants must furnish explicit details regarding their travel. It should cover the purpose of the visit, the proposed travel dates, and the specifics of where they intend to stay in Egypt.
  • Mandatory eVisa Fee Payment: The process of applying for an eVisa involves a fixed fee, which is non-refundable. Applicants are required to pay this fee using a valid credit or debit card.

Process for UAE Citizens Applying for an Egyptian E-Visa

When applying for an Egypt e-Visa as a UAE national, here are the essential steps to follow:

  • Initiating the Application: Begin by filling out the online Egypt e-Visa application form. It can be done on the official e-Visa portal. Ensure all the details you enter are correct and pertinent to your application.
  • Document Upload: As part of your application, you must provide specific documents electronically. It usually involves uploading a scanned copy of the passport's biographical page.
  • Fee Payment: There is a charge associated with the e-Visa application, which varies depending on the type of visa and its validity period. This payment can be made online using either a credit or debit card.
  • Confirmation of Application Submission: You will receive a confirmation email once the payment is processed. This email will contain a unique identification number for your application, confirming that your submission has been received.
  • Application Review Process: The Egyptian authorities will conduct a detailed review of your application. The time taken for this review can vary, but you can track your application's status on the e-Visa website.
  • Receiving the e-Visa: After your application is approved, the e-Visa will be sent to your email. Printing out this e-visa or having it available on a digital device is recommended to facilitate a hassle-free travel experience.

How Much Does the Egypt E-Visa Cost for Emirati Citizens?

For Emirati travellers considering a trip to Egypt, opting for an electronic visa can be more cost-effective than the traditional visa process. When applying for an e-visa to Egypt, UAE nationals will encounter two primary fees: the mandatory Government fee and the variable Service fee. The Service fee depends on the urgency of visa processing:

  • Standard Processing: This option processes your e-visa in three to seven business days.
  • Expedited Processing: This option is available at a higher fee for a quicker turnaround of two to five business days.
  • Priority Processing: This is the most expensive option, ideal for those requiring their e-visa urgently, with one to three business days processing time.

Securing an Egypt E-Visa Quickly for UAE Travellers

Using the 'Rapid' or 'Express' service levels when applying for an e-visa is smart. Although these choices come with extra costs, the benefit of quickened application processing is substantial. With this expedited process, your e-visa is delivered to you more swiftly, facilitating smoother travel arrangements. This approach allows you to efficiently complete an essential part of your journey's planning, avoiding the usual waiting periods.

How can UAE Nationals Easily Extend Their Egypt Visa?

Travellers in Egypt who desire to prolong their journey have two visa extension options.

The first approach is to exit Egypt and apply for a new e-visa. This method entails leaving the country and re-initiating the e-visa application. The e-visa platform is designed for swift processing, often concluding within a few days. Nevertheless, applicants should be prepared for a potential wait of up to seven days. Importantly, there is no limit to the number of times a tourist can reapply for an e-visa as long as they meet the requirements.

The second option is to extend the visa without leaving Egypt. It involves visiting the Ministry of the Interior's office in Abbasiya, Cairo. The office is open from 8 am to 5 pm, though it is closed on Fridays and Saturdays, reserved exclusively for collecting documents.

For tourists choosing to extend their stay within Egypt, several prerequisites are mandatory:

  • Possession of a valid passport.
  • The original e-visa was issued upon arrival.
  • Payment of the extension fee, which is only accepted in cash.
  • Documentation proving residence in Egypt.
  • A recent photo that adheres to passport photo standards.

Extending your visa in Egypt involves a few key steps. Initially, you must fill out the necessary forms, submit the relevant documents and photos, provide your fingerprints, and pay the initial fee. A follow-up visit is required to settle any remaining payments and to collect the extended visa.

Upon completing this process, the visa extension allows an additional three-month stay in the country. This extension is formalised with a Foreign Residence Card and a supplementary plastic ID card.

Are Emiratis Eligible for the Egypt Visa on Arrival Process?

Visitors hailing from the United Arab Emirates have the option to secure an Egyptian visa immediately upon their arrival in Egypt. This visa authorises a stay of up to one month, with the duration being determined from the date the visa is issued. Furthermore, Emirati travellers must verify their current and valid passports before entering Egypt.

Important Egypt Travel Guidelines for Emiratis

  • Exploring Egypt becomes more efficient and reliable when leveraging modern ride-sharing services such as Uber or Careem. These platforms offer a smoother, more consistent travel experience than traditional options like hailing taxis or car rentals.
  • When travelling in Egypt, being prepared with different payment methods is beneficial. Credit cards can offer a more convenient or appropriate transaction option in specific scenarios.
  • Travellers in Egypt should exercise caution, especially near the border areas adjoining Libya, Israel, and the Gaza Strip. These zones are under heavy surveillance by military forces and might pose risks to tourists.
  • Compliance with local registration laws is vital during your stay in Egypt. Visitors must register at the nearest police station within their first week in the country. Hotels typically facilitate this process using their guests' passport details. However, those staying in private accommodations must complete their registration accurately.

How Can UAE Nationals Check Their Egypt E-Visa Status Online

Egypt's online visa application system is highly efficient, often confirming visa approvals swiftly, usually within a window of 1 to 3 days. In certain instances, however, this period might extend to a maximum of 5 days. One of the significant benefits of this platform is its automated email update system, which proactively informs applicants about the progress of their applications. This feature is handy as it minimises the need for applicants to check the website for updates continuously.

When there has not been any progress update within five days after application submission, the platform provides an alternative method for checking the status. It can be done by visiting their official website's "Contact Us" section. 

To submit a status inquiry, applicants must furnish specific details, including their full name, passport details, and the email address used initially for the application. Upon submitting the inquiry, the applicant will typically receive an immediate confirmation of their request. It is then followed by a comprehensive update on the application status, usually provided within a 72-hour timeframe.


To expedite your Egypt e-Visa application, ensure all necessary documents are uploaded accurately and in the required format. Additionally, consider contacting the e-Visa support team for possible expedited processing.

Vaccinated travellers from the UAE are not subject to quarantine upon entering Egypt. However, checking the Egyptian Ministry of Health's website regularly for the most recent information is advisable.

Yes, travellers with a valid UAE residence visa can apply for an Egypt visit visa.

It's best to read customer reviews and compare prices before choosing a travel agency. I had a positive experience with

Yes, you can obtain an Egypt e-visa with a recently renewed passport. Just submit copies of your new and old passport pages, and you will be OK with this approach.

In case of any changes to your flight details after obtaining your e-Visa, contact the e-Visa helpdesk immediately. You should update your travel information or apply for a new visa.

Upon arrival in Egypt, you can easily purchase a SIM card. Various mobile network operators with kiosks at the airport offer SIM cards and data plans.