How To Extend an eVisa for Egypt?

Travelling to Egypt offers an array of unforgettable experiences, from exploring ancient pyramids to cruising the Nile. For many travellers, an essential aspect of planning their journey involves understanding visa regulations, particularly the flexibility they offer for extending their stay in this historically rich country.

Understanding Visa Validity and Extensions in Egypt

Visas are fundamental to international travel, providing legal permission for foreign nationals to enter and stay in a country for a designated period. In Egypt, like many countries, visas come with strict conditions regarding their validity. They specify the duration of a foreign national's stay, aligning with the purpose of their visit, whether it's tourism, business, or other reasons.

The Flexibility of Travel Plans and Visa Extensions

Travel plans are inherently dynamic, often influenced by a range of factors like personal interests, unexpected events, or the simple desire to extend an exploration of a country's culture and attractions. In Egypt, tourists often find themselves captivated by the country's rich history and might wish to prolong their stay beyond the initial visa duration. It raises a crucial question: Is extending a tourist visa in Egypt possible?

The Convenience of the Egyptian e-Visa

The Egyptian e-Visa, an electronic visa, stands out for its convenience and accessibility. It's the most accessible tourist visa for Egypt, offering a streamlined online application process. This e-visa is a popular choice for travellers, given its efficiency and the relative ease of obtaining it.

Methods to Extend Your Stay in Egypt

  • Applying for a New e-Visa from Abroad: One option for extending your stay is to leave Egypt and apply for a new e-Visa. The advantage of this method is the rapid processing time of most e-Visas, which is typically completed within a few days. This approach suits those who wish to explore neighbouring countries before returning to Egypt. There's no limit to the number of e-visas a foreigner can obtain as long as they adhere to the specific requirements and conditions of the e-visa.
  • Renewing Your Visa Within Egypt: Alternatively, tourists can renew their visa while remaining in Egypt. This process involves visiting the Ministry of the Interior at the Egyptian Passports, Immigration, and Nationality Administration office in Cairo. It's important to note that this cannot be done online and requires physical presence. The office operates daily except Fridays, with Saturdays reserved for pickups.

The renewal process includes submitting documents such as a valid passport, the original e-Visa, a recent passport-size photo, and the applicant's address in Egypt. There are fees associated with this process, and it typically requires two visits to the office — the first for application submission and the second for payment of additional fees and receiving the visa extension.

The Foreign Residence Card extension is a plastic ID card granting an additional three months of stay in Egypt. No alternative extension durations are available.

Tourist Visa Validity and Types

Tourist visas to Egypt vary in validity and type. The single-entry electronic visa allows a stay of up to 30 days within a three-month validity period from its date of issue. This option is ideal for those planning to remain within Egypt for their entire visit.

The multiple-entry visa is a better fit for travellers exploring beyond Egypt. It allows multiple entries into Egypt over six months, each stay capped at 30 days. This flexibility is perfect for those who wish to experience more of the Middle East during their travels.

A Comprehensive Guide to Renewing Your Egypt E-Visa 

When planning to renew your Egypt tourist visa, it's crucial to be well-prepared to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process. Here's a detailed guide on what you should take with you for the renewal:

Optimal Timing for Your Visit

  • Early Week Strategy: Aim to visit the visa office early, preferably on a Monday or Tuesday. It can help you avoid the rush and longer waiting times that might occur later in the week.
  • Morning Advantage: Plan to arrive at the visa office by 8 am or earlier. Being an early bird can significantly reduce your waiting time and streamline your experience.

Essential Documents

  • Passport Necessity: Carry the passport containing your current Egypt tourist visa. If you possess multiple passports, ensure you bring the one with the visa you intend to renew.
  • E-Visa Copy: If your visa was an e-Visa, bring a copy. If you've misplaced it, carry the e-Visa file on a USB stick, as there are nearby facilities where you can print it out.

Health and Safety Measures

Face Mask: Wearing a face mask is crucial, especially in busy areas like the visa office. It's not just about your safety but also about protecting others in a crowded environment.

Accommodation Details

Address in Arabic: Have the address of your accommodation in Egypt written in Arabic. It can be a requirement for the renewal process and is helpful for any communication needs.

Financial Preparedness

  • Cash Requirements: Prepare to have up to 2500 LE (Egyptian Pounds) per person. This amount should cover the total fees for visas and any re-entry permits.
  • Bank Transaction: It's essential to exchange this cash at a bank and obtain a stamped cashier’s receipt. This receipt is crucial as proof of the legitimate exchange transaction.

Additional Note on Cash and Fees

  • Emphasising the Cash Exchange: This point is worth reiterating – ensure you change your cash at a bank and get a stamped receipt. It is a critical requirement that some might overlook.
  • Fee Variations: Be aware that some applicants have reported being charged the total visa amount on the first day of their visit. It’s best to be prepared for such scenarios.

Writing Instrument

Bring a Pen: Carrying your pen is advisable. This small step can save you time and help you fill out forms or sign documents.

Consequences of Overstaying an E-Visa in Egypt

It's crucial to respect visa durations and conditions. Overstaying a visa in Egypt can lead to fines, and in some cases, it might impact the ability to obtain future Egyptian travel permits. The penalties vary based on the overstay duration, with a grace period of up to 13 days often available, although immigration officials don't always guarantee this.

For overstays of up to three months, fines can reach up to USD 100 and escalate for longer overstays. These fines are payable at the airport, and due to potential queues, it's advisable to allocate sufficient time for this process to avoid missing flights.


Understanding and navigating the intricacies of visa regulations is a crucial part of planning any international travel. In Egypt, the options for extending a tourist visa offer flexibility to travellers, accommodating changes in travel plans and enhancing the overall experience of exploring this historically rich and culturally vibrant country. Whether choosing to renew the visa within Egypt or apply for a new e-visa after a short trip abroad, the process is designed to be straightforward, ensuring travellers can focus on experiencing the wonders of Egypt.


Eligibility: You can extend your Egypt tourist visa (short-term visa) once.

Duration: The extension allows for an additional 90 days.

Where to Apply: Visit the Egypt Passport and Immigration Administration.

Required Documents: Bring a copy of your passport and your current Egypt visa.

Fees: Be prepared to pay a processing fee (approximately 1600 EGP or USD 50).

Standard Fee: The renewal fee is approximately 1600 LE (~$50) per person (as of September 2023), which includes the card fee.

Duration Independence: The fee remains the same regardless of the visa duration (3, 6, or 12 months).

Increment on Extensions: The more times you've extended your visa, the higher the cost.

Additional Costs:

  • Re-entry visa fees are extra (if applicable).
  • Expect to pay around 60 LE (~$4) for photocopying and photography.
  • Allocate about 20 LE (~$1) for taxi fares.

Total Budget: Approximately 2000 EGP (~$60), covering all taxes and miscellaneous expenses.

Extension Limit: There is no fixed limit on how many times you can extend your visa.

Condition: You must meet the e-Visa requirements and adhere to the terms and conditions each time.

Single Entry Visas: Valid for six months but allow a stay of only 30 days.

Multiple Entry Visas: These are also valid for six months but permit a cumulative stay of 90 days.