Egypt E-Visa Application Process for Saudi Arabian Citizens

For Saudi Arabian travellers planning a journey to Egypt, it's essential to be well-informed about the visa protocols to ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable visit. This guide aims to clarify the visa application process for citizens of Saudi Arabia seeking entry into Egypt.

We'll cover the specifics of what Saudi nationals need to know about the visa requirements for Egypt, including the availability and process of securing an Egypt e-Visa. Additionally, we'll guide you on how to apply for an Egyptian visa while in Saudi Arabia.

Can Saudi Nationals Apply for an Egypt e-Visa?

Indeed, Saudi Arabian citizens can apply for an Egyptian e-Visa for short-term visits encompassing tourism, leisure, or visiting family and friends, with a maximum stay of 30 days.

For stays exceeding 30 days, Saudi travellers have access to various types of Egyptian visas, each tailored to the length and reason for their extended visit.

Saudi citizens aiming to work, study, or settle in Egypt permanently must approach the closest Egyptian embassy or consulate to apply for a conventional visa through an in-person process.

Which Egypt E-Visa is Offered to Saudi Arabian Citizens?

Individuals holding a Saudi passport can enter Egypt for 30 days using an Egypt e-Visa, as long as their trip is for vacation, leisure activities, or visiting family. In contrast, Saudi Arabians looking to work, study, or live in Egypt must obtain an appropriate visa from an Egyptian embassy in Riyadh.

Saudi nationals seeking a tourist experience in Egypt can opt for one of two kinds of Egypt e-Visas:

  • Single Entry Tourist e-Visa: This visa grants a one-time entry into Egypt and is valid for a visit up to 30 days. The visa itself is valid for three months from its issue date.
  • Multiple Entry Tourist e-Visa: Unlike the single-entry version, this visa allows multiple entries into Egypt. It is valid six months from the issue date, with each visit capped at 30 days.

What Makes Applying for an E-Visa to Egypt Advantageous for Citizens of Saudi Arabia?

For Saudi citizens looking to visit Egypt, the e-visa system offers a convenient and efficient way to obtain their travel visas. Unlike traditional methods that often require visiting an embassy or consulate, especially for longer-duration visas, this digital platform eliminates such necessity. Additionally, it saves travellers from waiting in long lines for visa processing at their arrival point. 

Key benefits of the e-Visa service for travellers from Saudi Arabia include:

  • The entire application procedure is conducted online.
  • The system is designed for user-friendly and quick processing.
  • Responses to visa applications are generally prompt.
  • There is a choice between single or multiple-entry visas.
  • This system allows travellers to have their visas ready before reaching Egypt.
  • It helps visitors bypass lengthy queues for visas at Egyptian airports.

List of Documents Saudi Citizens Need to Apply for Egypt E-Visa

Saudi nationals seeking an eVisa for Egypt must possess a Saudi Arabian passport with a minimum validity of six months from their planned arrival date in Egypt.

Additionally, they are required to fill out the specific Egypt eVisa application form designated for Saudi Arabian applicants accurately.

The regulations for obtaining an Egyptian eVisa stipulate that every applicant must submit a separate application form, including minors and children listed on their parent's passports.

Those from Saudi Arabia planning a trip to Egypt should also have a functioning email address, as this is where the visa confirmation will be sent.

Lastly, to complete the online eVisa application, a valid debit or credit card is necessary to process the payment for the visa fee.

How Can Saudi Arabians Apply for an Egypt E-Visa?

To apply for an Egypt E-Visa through the e-visa application portal, one must follow the steps below accordingly:

Initial Phase - Registration Process

  • Accurate Information Submission: Enter your full name, email, phone number, and residency country with great attention to detail, ensuring all information is entered correctly and thoroughly.
  • Human Verification Completion: Finalize the verification process by correctly solving the captcha confirming your identity as a human user.

Second Phase - Providing Your Personal Information

  • Personal Introduction: Start with your details. Include your full name, country of birth, and birthdate. Mention your gender and the type of visa you are applying for.
  • Details of Your Passport: Provide comprehensive information about your passport, including its issuance date, expiry date, and unique number.
  • Extended Personal Information: If you hold dual citizenship or multiple passports, mention this. Also, include details about your employment status, marital status, and the country you'll depart.
  • Details of Your Travel Plan: Specify your intended travel start date.
  • Adding Co-Travelers: If you're travelling with others, include their details.

Third Phase - Document Submission and Application Finalization

  • Passport Copy Preparation: Ensure you produce a high-quality photocopy of your passport, with all text and images clear and legible.
  • Visa Processing Speed Selection: Choose from standard, expedited, or emergency visa processing to meet your travel timeline.
  • Application Detail Review: Conduct a detailed review of all entered information to ensure accuracy.
  • Error Identification and Correction: Vigilantly identify and correct any mistakes, particularly in critical personal information like your name and birth date.
  • Record Your Application ID: Note your application's unique reference number for future reference and tracking.

Final Stage - Payment and Application Monitoring

  • Complete Your Payment: Choose your preferred payment method to finalise the transaction.
  • Application Status Tracking: Keep your temporary ID accessible for frequent updates on your application's progress.

How Much is the Egypt E-Visa Application Fee for Saudi Nationals?

The final step in obtaining an Egypt e-visa for citizens of Saudi Arabia involves making a payment. Below is an easy-to-understand breakdown of the associated fees:

  • Government Fee: Citizens of Cyprus are not exempt from this charge imposed by the Egyptian authorities.
  • Processing Fee: The cost here depends on the urgency of your e-visa application. There are three options for processing times:
    • Standard Processing: Acquire your e-visa within three to seven working days using the standard service.
    • Urgent Processing: Opt for this if your e-visa is processed within two five business days.
    • Super Urgent Processing: This is the quickest option, enabling you to receive your e-visa in just one to three business days.

What is the Process for Saudi Arabians Applying for an Urgent Egypt E-Visa?

In the haste of finalising your travel plans, opt for the 'Urgent' or 'Super Urgent' processing choices when you're applying for your electronic visa. This approach involves a marginally increased cost, yet it offers a significant benefit: your application is processed as a priority. Consequently, you receive your e-visa promptly, simplifying your travel planning by reducing the usual delay. This expedited process lets you quickly complete an essential item on your travel checklist.

Ways Through Which Saudi Arabians Can Extend Their Egypt E-Visa

For travellers who wish to extend their visit, there are two viable methods:

Method One: Obtain a New e-Visa from Abroad:

  • Begin by leaving Egypt.
  • Then, apply for a fresh e-Visa. This procedure is typically fast, usually needing just 1-2 days for approval, but it's advisable to allow for a whole week.
  • It's important to note that as long as you fulfil the necessary conditions, there's no limit to the number of times you can reapply for an e-Visa.

Method Two: Visa Extension Within Egypt:

  • In this case, an in-person visit is mandatory as online extensions are unavailable.
  • Visit the Ministry of the Interior’s office located in Abbasiya, Cairo. They operate from 8 am to 5 pm but are closed on Fridays and Saturdays for visa collection.

Required Documents for Visa Extension in Person:

  • Ensure you carry your current passport.
  • Also, bring your existing e-visa.
  • Be prepared to pay the extension fees in cash.
  • You should also provide your accommodation details in Egypt.
  • A recent passport-sized photo is a necessity.

In-Person Visa Extension Process in Egypt:

  • During your initial visit, you'll be required to complete some paperwork and hand in several items: your identification documents, a photograph, fingerprints, and the primary fee.
  • You'll pay any outstanding fees on a subsequent visit and obtain your visa extension.

Important Information Regarding the Visa Extension:

  • The extension granted is typically for three months.
  • You'll receive a Foreign Residence Card and a plastic ID card as proof of the extension.

Is Visa on Arrival Available for Saudi Arabian Passport Holders in Egypt?

Indeed, individuals with Saudi Arabian passports can obtain an Egyptian visa upon arrival. This particular visa grants a permissible duration of stay of up to 30 days commencing from the date of issuance. Saudi visitors must ensure their passports are valid and up-to-date before embarking on their journey to Egypt.

Essential Advice for Saudi Arabian Travelers Upon Arrival in Egypt

  • Navigating Egypt has become more streamlined with contemporary car-hailing services like Uber or Careem. These platforms provide a structured and reliable mode of transportation, setting them apart from traditional methods such as flagging down taxis on the street or opting for car hire services.
  • Various payment methods are advantageous for monetary dealings in Egypt. Credit cards are often more convenient and appropriate in many situations.
  • While touring Egypt, it's crucial to be vigilant, particularly in the proximity of border zones adjacent to Libya, Israel, and the Gaza Strip. Military personnel closely monitor these areas and may present dangers to visitors.
  • Adherence to Egypt's local registration regulations is critical for all foreign visitors. Within the first seven days of their stay, tourists must register at a local police station. Although hotels generally handle this procedure for their guests using the information from their passports, individuals staying in private residences must ensure they correctly fulfil this registration process.

How Can People from Saudi Arabia Monitor Their Online Application for an Egypt E-Visa?

The digital service for acquiring an Egyptian e-visa is recognised for its remarkable swiftness in processing, typically approving visas in one to three days. However, there are cases where this process may take up to five days. A vital functionality of this service is the automated email notification system, which consistently updates applicants on their application's status, significantly reducing the need to visit the website frequently for updates.

If there's no visa application update within five days of submission, the system offers an alternative way to check the status. It is done by accessing the "Contact Us" page on the e-visa's official site.

For these inquiries, applicants must provide certain information, such as their complete name, passport information, and the email address used during the application. After submitting this request, applicants promptly receive a confirmation of their query. They can then expect a detailed update on their application status, generally within 72 hours.


Individuals holding a Saudi Iqama must have a visa to enter Egypt. They have the convenience of obtaining this visa upon arrival at Egyptian airports. Upon arrival, they should approach the designated visa counter to process their visa by presenting the necessary documents and paying the applicable fees.

While it's not a strict requirement, carrying a printed copy of your e-visa is advisable to facilitate a smoother entry process, as you'll need to show it to the immigration officers when you arrive in Egypt.