Egypt E-Visa Application Process for Belarus Citizens

Belarusian nationals planning to visit Egypt must comply with the country's entry prerequisites, necessitating the possession of essential travel documents and adherence to Egypt's specific entry regulations.

One of the most practical and user-friendly methods for Belarusians to obtain entry authorisation to Egypt is through the online Egypt e-Visa system. This digital application process for an e-visa to Egypt is entirely web-based, offering a streamlined and efficient way to apply. It demands only a few minutes to complete, thus significantly reducing the complexity and time associated with visa applications.

Different Types of Egypt e-Visas Available to Belarusian Passport Holders

For Belarusian travellers, securing a visa is a mandatory step for entry into Egypt. A valid Egypt Visa is required to allow admission into the country. The nature of the Egypt visa a traveller opts for depends on their specific travel needs and circumstances. The Egypt e-Visa for Belarusian citizens is available in two variants:

  • Single Entry Visa: This visa variant permits a one-time entry into Egypt and is valid for 30 days within a validity period of 3 months from the date of issuance.
  • Multiple Entry Visa: Contrasting the single entry option, this visa allows multiple entries into Egypt over 180 days from the issue date. However, each stay is capped at 30 days.

Understanding Egypt E-Visa Requirements for Belarusians

To qualify for an Egypt e-Visa, Belarusian citizens must ensure the following criteria are met:

  • A valid Belarusian passport, with a minimum validity of six months from the intended arrival date in Egypt and at least two blank pages.
  • A valid debit or credit card is required to pay the visa processing fee.
  • A functional email address is needed to receive the approved visa.

The absence of these prerequisites renders the applicant ineligible for the Egypt e-Visa.

How Belarusians Can Apply for an Egypt e-visa?

The application process for the Egypt e-Visa encompasses three straightforward steps:

  1. Completing the Online eVisa Form: Individuals must fill out the Egypt eVisa application form on this site precisely, ensuring every detail is up-to-date and accurately provided.
  2. Requirements for Uploading Documents: Individuals must provide a digital scan of the biographical page of their passport.
  3. Payment of eVisa Fees Online: There is a charge for the eVisa, which may vary depending on the visa's type and its validity period. This charge is payable online via credit or debit card.
  4. Confirmation of Application: After paying the fee, applicants will receive a confirmation email with a distinct reference number.
  5. Examination of the Submitted Application: Egyptian authorities thoroughly examine each application. The time taken for this process can differ, but applicants can track their application's status on the website.
  6. Receiving the Confirmed eVisa: Following approval, the eVisa is emailed to the applicant. Travelers are advised to print this document or maintain a digital version accessible throughout their trip.

Egypt E-Visa Application Fee for Citizens of Belarus

If you're a citizen of Belarus planning to visit Egypt, you can save money by opting for an e-visa instead of a regular visa. There are two fees: the Government fee, which is mandatory for Belarusian citizens since they are not exempt, and a Service fee, which varies based on how quickly you need the e-visa:

  • Standard Service: Get your e-Visa in three to seven business days.
  • Urgent Service: Receive your e-Visa in two to five business days at a higher fee.
  • Super Urgent Service: Obtain your e-Visa at the most increased cost in just one to three business day.

Obtaining an Urgent Egypt E-Visa as a Belarusian

When finalising your travel plans, selecting the 'Urgent' or 'Super Urgent' processing choices when applying for your e-visa is advisable. While this comes with an extra cost, the benefit is substantial: your application is prioritised. As a result, your e-visa is processed rapidly, allowing you to efficiently tick off an essential item from your travel checklist and avoid the usual waiting period.

Extending Your Egypt e-Visa as a Belarusian

Visitors to Egypt who wish to extend their journey have two seamless options, each tailored to different preferences and scenarios, providing adaptability and ease for global travellers.

Securing a New e-Visa – Depart and Reapply Approach.

  • A practical strategy involves obtaining a new e-visa after exiting Egypt. This method stands out for its promptness and simplicity:
  • Efficient Application Process: The e-Visa, a swift access permit, is usually sanctioned within 1-2 days. However, planning for a week is advisable for unforeseen delays.
  • Flexibility in Reapplications: Travelers can reapply numerous times if they fulfil the stipulated criteria.

On-Site Visa Extension – The Direct Method

  • As an alternative, visitors can opt to prolong their visa while remaining in Egypt:
  • In-Person Application Requirement: This extension process cannot be completed online and necessitates a physical presence.
  • Application Venue: To apply, one must visit the Ministry of the Interior’s office in Abbasiya, Cairo, which is open from 8 am to 5 pm, excluding Fridays and Saturdays.

Necessary Documentation for On-Site Extension

For a streamlined extension process, prepare the following:

  • A valid passport.
  • Your current e-Visa.
  • Extension fees are to be paid in cash.
  • Evidence of your accommodation in Egypt.
  • A passport-sized photo.

Procedure for On-Site Application in Egypt

The extension procedure involves two trips to the Ministry’s office:

  • First Visit: Complete the required forms, provide your documents, photos, and fingerprints, and pay the initial fee.
  • Second Visit: Finalize any outstanding fees and collect your visa extension.

Details of the Visa Extension

This extension grants an additional three months in Egypt through a Foreign Residence Card, a plastic identification card serving as an official permit. This card is a tangible testament to your extended stay, allowing you to explore Egypt's rich cultural tapestry and historical wonders for an extended period.

Is it possible for Belarusians to Obtain an Egyptian Visa upon Arrival?

Belarusians have the opportunity to obtain an Egyptian visa right at the moment they arrive in Egypt. This authorisation allows a stay of up to one month within the confines of Egypt. Travellers must note that this one-month duration begins when the visa is issued. Moreover, these visitors must ensure their passports are in order immediately upon entering Egypt.

Travel Advice for Visitors from Belarus to Egypt

  • Navigating Transportation: When in Egypt, it's advisable to use well-known app-based transportation services such as Uber or Careem. These platforms provide a more efficient and reliable method of travel compared to traditional taxis or renting a vehicle, offering faster and more predictable trips.
  • Variety in Payment Options: It's wise to have multiple payment options at your disposal while travelling in Egypt. Relying solely on credit cards might only sometimes be practical or suitable in specific scenarios.
  • Safety Precautions: Be vigilant and avoid areas near the borders with Libya, Israel, and the Gaza Strip. These areas are under close surveillance by military forces and could pose risks to travellers.
  • Registration Protocols: During your stay in Egypt, it is essential to register with local authorities or the nearest police station within the first seven days of your visit. The staff usually handles this process using your passport information if you are staying at a hotel. However, if you stay in a private residence, you must take care of the registration.


In addition to your passport and e-visa, it's advisable to have documents that show proof of your planned onward journey and evidence of sufficient financial means for your stay in Egypt. It ensures a smoother travel experience.

Indeed, you have the option to apply for a conventional visa at the Egyptian embassy in Minsk. Though the e-visa offers a quicker and more streamlined process, the embassy route is available for those who prefer a more traditional method.

Our website includes a comprehensive FAQ section and customer support contact details. Our dedicated team is available to guide you through the application process, ensuring you fill out the form correctly and confidently.

Each traveller can apply for their e-Visa independently and at their convenience. However, it's essential to coordinate and ensure everyone has the same type of visa and planned arrival date. This coordination helps prevent any travel hiccups related to visa discrepancies.