Egypt E-Visa Application Process for Bulgarian Citizens

When planning a trip to the Arab Republic of Egypt, Bulgarian travellers must ensure their passports are valid for at least six months beyond their entry date. It is a fundamental requirement for entry into Egypt and crucial for a smooth travel experience. Keeping your travel documents up-to-date and checking their validity well before your travel dates is vital for hassle-free international travel.

Types of E-Visas Available for Bulgarian Citizens

Bulgarian citizens have two options for an Egypt e-Visa:

  • Tourist e-Visa (Single Entry): This visa allows one entry into Egypt for tourism, valid for three months from the issue date. Once in Egypt, you can stay up to 30 days.
  • Tourist e-Visa (Multiple Entries): This visa is similar but allows multiple entries into Egypt over six months. Each stay can be up to 30 days.

What do Bulgarian citizens need to apply for Egypt's e-visa?

To get an Egypt e-Visa, Bulgarians need:

  • A passport with two blank pages is valid for at least six months from entry.
  • An email address to receive the e-Visa.
  • A debit or credit card to pay the visa fee.

How Bulgarians Can Apply for Egypt E-Visa?

The online application form is straightforward and requires the following information:

Step 1 - Registration

  • Accurate Information Input: It's essential to meticulously input your full name, email, phone number, and country details, ensuring each piece of information is entered correctly and with attention to detail.
  • Complete the Verification Process: Successfully finish the authentication step by solving the captcha correctly, confirming your identity as a human.

Step 2 - Applicant Details

  • Introduction: Start by introducing yourself. Provide your full name, country of origin, and date of birth. Declare your gender explicitly.Also, indicate the type of visa you are applying for.
  • Passport Details: In this part, detail your passport information. Include the issue date of your passport, its expiration date, and the unique passport number.
  • Additional Personal Information: If you hold citizenship in multiple countries and possess various passports, mention this. It’s essential to detail your current employment status, marital status, whether single, married, or otherwise, and the country you will be travelling from.
  • Travel Plans: Specify when you intend to start your trip.

Adding Other Applicants: If travelling with others, add their details too.

Step 3 - Add Documents and Submit

  • Creating an Accurate Passport Photocopy: Ensuring a sharp, high-definition photocopy of your passport is essential. This copy must display all elements, including texts and images, in a readable manner.
  • Selecting an Appropriate Visa Processing Timeline: Tailor your visa application process to suit your requirements. Choose from standard, expedited, or urgent processing options to match your timetable.
  • Comprehensive Verification of Visa Application Information: It is imperative to review all the information on your visa application meticulously. This step is necessary to guarantee the accuracy of the details you've provided.
  • Identification and Amendment of Application Inconsistencies: It is essential to scrutinise your application for any discrepancies, particularly in critical personal information such as your name and date of birth, and make necessary corrections immediately.
  • Recording Your Visa Application's Unique Identifier: Keep a secure record of the unique identification number of your visa application. This identifier is crucial for tracking your application's status and progression.

Step 4 - Payment

  • Complete Your Transaction: Choose a payment method that aligns with your preferences to finalise your transaction.
  • Monitor the Progress of Your Request: Have your interim ID ready to check on the progress of your request frequently.

Egypt E-Visa Application Fee for Bulgarians

Bulgarian citizens applying for an Egypt e-Visa must pay government and service fees. The government fee is mandatory since Bulgaria is not exempt from Egypt visa requirements. There are three service options available:

  • Standard Service: Get your visa in 3 to 7 business days.
  • Urgent Service: Receive your visa in 2 to 5 working days.
  • Super Urgent Service: Obtain your visa in just one to three working day.

How Can Bulgarian Citizens Apply for an Urgent Egypt E-Visa?

While finalising your travel plans, consider the 'Urgent' or 'Super Urgent' processing choices for your e-visa application. While these options come with extra fees, the benefits are substantial: your application is prioritised. As a result, your e-visa gets processed quickly, allowing you to efficiently tick off an essential item on your travel preparation checklist and avoid the usual waiting period.

How Can Bulgarian Citizens Extend Their Egypt E-Visa?

For those exploring Egypt and wishing to extend their memorable journey, there are two seamless methods to lengthen their visit. Each method accommodates different preferences and situations, offering flexibility and ease for international travellers.

Reapplying for a New e-Visa After Departure

  • A practical approach is to apply for a new e-visa once you've left Egypt. This method is notable for its quick and straightforward process:
    • Efficient Application Process: The e-Visa, designed for swift processing, is usually approved within 1-2 days, though it's advisable to plan for up to a week.
    • Flexibility in Reapplication: Visitors can apply for this visa multiple times if they fulfil the necessary criteria.

Extending the Visa Within Egypt

  • As an alternative, travellers can opt to extend their visa during their stay in Egypt:
    • Direct Application: This extension must be processed in person, as it's unavailable online.
    • Application Venue: For this, one must visit the Ministry of the Interior’s office in Abbasiya, Cairo, which is open from 8 am to 5 pm, excluding Fridays and Saturdays for collections.

Essential Documents for On-Site Extension

To facilitate a smooth extension process, be sure to have:

  • A valid passport.
  • Your current e-Visa.
  • Extension fees are to be paid in cash.
  • Evidence of your accommodation in Egypt.
  • A passport-sized photo.

Procedure for On-Site Application in Egypt

The application process requires two visits to the Ministry’s office:

  • First Visit: Complete the necessary forms, submit your documents, photos, and fingerprints, and pay the initial fee.
  • Second Visit: Finalize any outstanding fees and receive your visa extension.

About the Extended Visa

The extension is granted through a Foreign Residence Card, a plastic ID card, allowing an additional three-month stay in Egypt.

Is Egypt Visa on Arrival Facility Available for Bulgarian Citizens?

Travellers from Bulgaria can conveniently obtain their Egyptian visa when they arrive in the country. This visa allows a visit for a maximum duration of 30 days. Bulgarian tourists need to note that the count for these 30 days begins from the visa issuance date. Furthermore, these visitors need to secure their passports immediately upon entering Egypt.

To-Do List for Bulgarians After Arriving in Egypt

  • When travelling in Egypt, using widely-used ridesharing apps like Uber or Careem is beneficial. These platforms are more efficient and convenient than traditional taxis or car rentals. They provide easy and fast transportation solutions.
  • Regarding payment methods in Egypt, it's wise to have various options available. Relying solely on credit cards might only sometimes be practical or possible.
  • For your safety, it's advisable to avoid areas near the borders with Libya, Israel, and the Gaza Strip. Military forces heavily monitor these areas and may pose risks to travellers.
  • If you visit Egypt, you must register with local authorities or the police within your first week. Hotel staff often handle this process using your passport information if you are staying at a hotel. However, if you're staying in a private accommodation, you should take the initiative to complete this registration yourself.


Regrettably, once an eVisa application is submitted, it cannot be altered. To adjust your visa type to multiple entries, you must cancel your current application and submit a new one. Be aware that there may be cancellation charges involved.

It's not permissible to hold two concurrent eVisas. If your current visa's validity covers your extended stay, you don’t need to take any action. However, if the extension exceeds the validity, you'll have to wait until the current eVisa expires before applying for a new one with updated dates.

For insights into the rejection of your eVisa application, reaching out to the eVisa support team would be beneficial. They can clarify the reasons and advise if reapplying is feasible after addressing any highlighted issues.

Departing Egypt is straightforward: simply present your passport and boarding pass at immigration, like in standard international travel procedures. Treasure your experiences and consider planning another visit to explore more!

"Pending" status means the authorities are reviewing your eVisa application. Typically, the processing period ranges from 3 to 5 business days. Keep an eye on your email for any updates, and if the process exceeds the expected timeframe, contacting support would be advisable.

Declaring any significant medical condition on your eVisa application is recommended, mainly if it necessitates specific travel accommodations or medications. This disclosure ensures a smoother entry process and helps prevent any unforeseen issues during your travels.