Egypt E-Visa Application Process for Hong Kong Citizens

Individuals from Hong Kong's Special Administrative Region planning a trip to Egypt should be aware that obtaining an Egyptian visa for holders of a Hong Kong passport might be a prerequisite.

This guide aims to provide residents of Hong Kong with comprehensive information about the necessary paperwork required for applying for an Egyptian visa. It will cover various aspects, such as the purpose of their visit, the duration of their intended stay, and their eligibility for an electronic visa to Egypt.

Is Egypt E-Visa Mandatory for Hong Kong Citizens?

The requirement for a Hong Kong citizen to obtain a visa for Egypt is influenced by two key aspects:

  • The duration of the intended stay
  • The purpose of the visit

Individuals possessing a Hong Kong SAR passport have the privilege of entering Egypt without a visa for touristic purposes, with a permissible duration of up to three months.

Adherence to the specific Egyptian visa regulations is necessary for extensions beyond these three months or objectives such as business, employment, or educational pursuits.

Different Types of E-Visas to Egypt for Hong Kong Nationals

Hong Kong citizens have access to different types of Egypt e-tourist visas:

A single-entry Tourist e-visa grants individuals from Hong Kong a one-time entry into Egypt, with a stay limit of up to 30 days. This visa remains valid for three months from the date of issuance.

For those with a multiple-entry tourist e-visa, repeated entries into Egypt are allowed for over six months. Nonetheless, each visit is restricted to a maximum of 30 days.

How is applying for an Egypt E-Visa advantageous for Hong Kong citizens?

Hong Kong travellers looking to visit Egypt can significantly benefit from the e-visa system, which simplifies obtaining a visa. Unlike the traditional methods of visa procurement that often require physical visits to an embassy or consulate, especially for longer-term visas, the e-visa method negates the need for such in-person appointments. This digital approach not only does away with the necessity of embassy visits but also relieves travellers from the hassle of facing long queues for visa processing upon their arrival in Egypt.

Critical benefits for Hong Kong nationals using the e-Visa service include:

  • The entire application process is conducted online.
  • It offers an improved and more streamlined user experience.
  • Responses to visa applications are generally received swiftly.
  • There is a choice between single-entry and multiple-entry visas.
  • This service allows travellers to have their visas ready before they land in Egypt.
  • It helps avoid lengthy waits for visa processing at Egyptian airports.

What are the Important Egypt E-Visa Requirements for Hong Kong Passport Holders?

To apply online for an Egypt visa as a citizen of Hong Kong, the following criteria must be fulfilled:

  • Possession of a Hong Kong passport with a minimum validity of six months.
  • A valid credit or debit card is required to pay the Egypt e-Visa fees.
  • An active email address is needed to receive the confirmation of the approved Egyptian visa.

Guidelines to Apply Online for an Egypt E-Visa as a Hong Kong Citizen 

To successfully apply for an Egypt E-Visa through the online portal, adhere to these prescribed steps:

Initial Step - Registration

  • Accurate Information Submission: Enter your full name, email, phone number, and country of residence with utmost precision, ensuring each detail is thoroughly correct.
  • Human User Confirmation: Solve the provided captcha to confirm you are not a robot.

Stage Two - Providing Personal Information

  • Personal Introduction: Fill in your personal information, including your name, birthplace, birth date, gender, and the type of visa you are applying for.
  • Passport Details: Enter all relevant passport information, such as issue, expiration dates, and passport number.
  • Extended Personal Information: Mention any additional citizenships or passports you possess, along with details about your job, marital status, and the country you will travel from.
  • Trip Schedule: State the expected start date of your Egyptian journey.
  • Details of Accompanying Persons: Include information about others travelling with you.

Stage Three - Document Submission and Application Finalization

  • Passport Copy Preparation: Provide a legible photocopy of your passport, clearly showing all text and images.
  • Visa Processing Time Selection: Choose your desired visa processing time - routine, expedited, or urgent, based on your travel plans.
  • Application Detail Review: Carefully review all entered data for correctness.
  • Error Identification and Correction: Vigilantly find and correct any mistakes, particularly in vital information like your name and birth date.
  • Application ID Record: Keep a record of your application's unique ID for tracking purposes.

Final Step - Payment and Application Tracking

  • Finalising Payment: Conclude your application by selecting a payment method and completing the payment.
  • Application Status Check: Consistently monitor the progress of your application using the given temporary ID.

What is the cost of Egypt's e-visa for Hong Kong citizens?

Opting for an electronic visa when travelling to Egypt can result in significant cost savings, especially for citizens of Hong Kong. This is because the aggregate expense of an Egyptian e-visa is generally lower than that of a traditional visa.

For Hong Kong travellers applying for an Egypt e-visa, there are two distinct fees: the official Government fee and a separate service fee. Since Hong Kong is not included in Egypt's list of exempted countries, the Government fee is a mandatory expense for travellers from this region. Therefore, as a Hong Kong national, this fee becomes a requisite part of your visa application.

The service fee, however, varies based on the chosen processing speed:

  • Standard Processing: This option means you can expect your e-visa to be processed within three to seven business days.
  • Expedited Processing: Opting for this level of service accelerates the process, enabling you to receive your e-visa in approximately two business days.
  • Priority Processing: This is the fastest available option, delivering your e-visa outcome within one business day, offering the highest priority processing.

What Steps Should Hong Kong Travelers Take to Obtain an Egypt E-Visa Quickly?

When hurriedly organising your travel plans, opt for the 'Fast-Track' or 'Urgent' choices when applying for your e-visa. This approach involves an additional cost, yet it offers a significant benefit: your application is processed as a priority. Consequently, you receive your electronic visa quickly, which helps make your travel arrangements smoother by reducing usual processing delays. This expedited method effectively addresses an essential item on your travel checklist.

Detailed Egypt E-Visa Extension Process for Hong Kong Nationals

Individuals wishing to extend their time in Egypt typically have two primary choices:

Obtain a Fresh e-Visa after Leaving Egypt:

  • Depart from Egypt initially.
  • Reapply for an e-visa from outside the country. The approval process is generally swift, often completed within 1-2 days, but allowing up to a week is advisable.
  • Remember, you can reapply for e-visa multiple times if you fulfil all the necessary criteria.

Visa Extension from Within Egypt:

  • It requires a personal visit, as online extensions are not available.
  • Visit the Ministry of the Interior’s office located in Abbasiya, Cairo. They operate from 8 am to 5 pm, excluding Fridays and Saturdays for visa processing.
  • Required Documents for On-Site Visa Extension:
    • Your valid passport.
    • The e-visa you currently hold.
    • Payment for the extension fee in cash.
    • Information about your stay in Egypt.
    • A recent, passport-sized photograph.

Procedure for Obtaining a Visa Extension in Egypt:

  • During your initial visit, you must complete some paperwork and provide several items: identification, a photograph, fingerprints, and the initial fee.
  • A subsequent visit will involve paying any outstanding fees and receiving your extended visa.

Important Information Regarding Visa Extensions:

  • Extensions are typically granted for an additional three months.
  • Upon completing the process, you will receive a Foreign Residence Card and a plastic ID card, proof of your prolonged stay in Egypt.

Can Citizens of Hong Kong Apply for a Visa on Arrival in Egypt?

Passport holders from Hong Kong can obtain an Egyptian visa upon arrival. This visa grants a stay of up to 30 days, counting from the date it is issued. Hong Kong visitors must ensure their passports are up-to-date and valid before departing for Egypt.

What Methods Can People from Hong Kong Use to Monitor Their Egypt E-Visa Status?

The system for getting an Egypt e-visa online is notably efficient, generally processing requests between one to three days. In some instances, this period might stretch to five days. An integral part of this system is its email notification service, which regularly updates applicants on their visa application status, reducing the need to check the website constantly.

If there's yet to be an update on the visa application within five days after submitting it, there's an alternative way to check the status. It involves going to the "Contact Us" page on the e-visa's official website. Here, applicants must provide certain information, such as their complete name, passport information, and the email address used during the application process.

Once these details are submitted, applicants will immediately get a confirmation of their query. Following this, they can anticipate a detailed response regarding their visa status, usually within a 72-hour.


Your passport number's check digit is typically the final digit. It might be set apart from the rest by a space or hyphen. If it's not visible, examine the data page of your passport or consider reaching out to the Hong Kong Immigration Department for further guidance.

Carefully verify your passport details and the dates of your travel. Ensure you're uploading documents in the accepted formats. Adhering to the instructions provided on the website is critical to avoiding mistakes.

I've just landed in Cairo, and the e-visa process at immigration was relatively straightforward. However, they did request evidence of my accommodation and onward journey.

Typically, e-visa processing takes between 24 and 72 hours. However, be aware of potential delays. It's advisable to apply immediately and contact customer support if necessary.

Currently, the e-Visa system does not support payments via UnionPay. Accepted methods include Visa, Mastercard, and American Express credit or debit cards.



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